Ready to be powerful beyond measure?

The HOOK is a fitness studio just for women. In our 45-minute group classes, you can expect a high-intensity training circuit using diverse types of equipment, interval training, body weight exercises, and overall total body strengthening. During our workouts, you are surrounded by high-energy music, state-of-art equipment, and a tribe of women as unique and beautiful as you are.

Start by setting up an account.  Before coming to The HOOK, all new and existing clients must register for a class online. Go to the Class Schedule page or use our app, and start scheduling classes. Classes are limited to 20 participants.

10 minutes prior to each session, the workout will be demonstrated by one of our Certified Coaches. If you are new to The HOOK or just new to the class, be sure to come early for the demonstration and ask any questions. We want to ensure you know the proper boxing techniques and your heart rate monitor is functioning properly before each class. 

The first 10 minutes of the session is a warm-up that consists of shadow boxing, rowing, jump ropes, and speed bag work.

The next 30 minutes are a fast-moving, full-body, high-intensity, boxing-inspired circuit. You'll move from throwing punches on the BoxMaster, to rowing or bikes, to suspended body-weight and functional strength exercises on the Queenax. Workouts change everyday to ensure your body will be constantly be challenged.

The last 5 minutes of each class is cool down and stretch.

The HOOK is for ALL AGES and STAGES of fitness. Whether your level of fitness is beginner or you are looking for a more challenging class, The HOOK sessions are designed to be modified to meet all clients' needs. A certified coach will be sure to push you to your own personal limit! 

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