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Start by creating an online profile. This will allow us to better serve you! Current contact information will be key for us to communicate with you about classes, special events and offers, and most importantly to follow up after classes.

Become a Member

In order to book a session, you must first purchase a session. You can do so online or by downloading our app “The Hook-TX”. Once you have sessions in your account, you may then begin making your reservations online or by using your phone or tablet. You will need to purchase a pair of MMA boxing gloves to get started, but your first session at The Hook is always free. Bring your gloves to every session once you’re hooked!

Sign Up For A Class

You can access our scheduled classes online or through The Hook app. We post our schedule of group classes one week in advance.


If a class is full, you can sign up for the waitlist and as other clients cancel their reservation you will receive an email and text that you have been added to the class. Please be mindful when joining our waitlist that you may be added to the class automatically as space allows.

Required Gear

All clients are required to wear MMA gloves during their boxing session. MMA gloves are available for sale at our studio.


All clients are required to wear workout gear.

Please Come Early

Check in 10 minutes prior to your class time. There is a demo prior to your session.

Age Requirements

While we think group fitness is for all ages, our minimum age requirement is 14 years of age. If younger than 14 and you are interested in our classes, please schedule a free evaluation with our Master Coach and with her recommendation we may be able to make an exception.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session, we respectfully ask that you let us know at least 12 hours before the class time to allow space for other clients to come and get their happy on. Cancellation of your group session less than 12 hours in advance will result in a $10.00 cancellation fee.

Come in and #GetHooked