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The ULTIMATE Self Defense Course for Women

The Hook Has Been Designed to Empower Women To Excel In Health and Life

Join us for a EMPOWERING Self Defense Course at The Hook! 

This Two Hour Class is Designed to Help You Develop the Mindset and Skills to Defend Yourself. 

This is great for Women and Girls 8+ and Up! 

In the First Hour of this 2 Hour Session: The Empowering Mindset starts with the goal of increasing our situational awareness while decreasing our chances of being targeted for victimization,

this session will focus on topics such as assertiveness, analyzing our surroundings, safety strategies, and verbal confrontation skills. By giving ourselves the power of education over fear, we are giving ourselves an empowered mindset.

In The Second Hour of This 2 Hour Session: we Continue on from session 1, Empowering Mindset, where we will move into defensive techniques to avoid, de-escalate, fight through, and escape physical confrontations.

This session will focus on engaging defensive skills to protect ourselves and fight back if we are targeted. We will be using heavy bags and pads to engage our skills and add physical empowerment to our empowered mindset.

Come as often as you need to feel EMPOWERED to DEFEND YOURSELF



Just $40