Ultimate Arms 

Our Ultimate Arms session focuses on arms and upper body. Wave bye-bye as you feel your upper body and arms getting stronger and shred on our Boxmaster and state of the art super functional jungle gym for adults Queenax, by Precor.

Ultimate Booty and Legs sculpting

Our Booty and Leg sculpting keeps the body guessing our HIIT circuit
training through boxing for fitness, cardio and strength training. Walk
in strong and walk out stronger.

Ultimate Core and Cardio

Yes, abs are made in the kitchen, however, is your core that makes them
last. At The Hook we train our abs through functional core training. We
make it all about power, strength, and stabilization. Core muscles create a
solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on
your two feet.

Trim and Tone

The Hook's Trim and Tone is a Special Class designed by women for women.

and not part of our signature classes and membership.  
The class is for all levels, and it is a 1-hour class. The Trim and Tone's main focus is on light weights, high reps to help sculpt and shred your body.
The Trim and Tone has many benefits that all women covet.
- Increased muscular strength and endurance
- Increase core stability and function
- Increase energy levels
- Enhanced weight loss and elevate fitness levels 

Our Trim and Tone is an excellent addition to your current routine!

Ultimate Boxing

This boxing class is designed for women by women. The class is the perfect way to get shredded in just 30 minutes; this is a fun and fast-paced fitness class with elements of boxing with the box master and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for overall conditioning and toning.

Our boxing for fitness program is designed to take you to a higher level of conditioning and endurance through 12 rounds!
The program is all about training your body to the following categories: mental fortitude, endurance, and strength.
This class is for all fitness levels, and you will need full gloves.